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AME 2019 Hosted Buyer Registration

Welcome to the AME 2019 Hosted Buyer Program application!

Note: To complete your registration, you will need:

  • Passport information

    This is required to guarantee accurate ticketing and conform to airline/TSA requirements.

  • Credit Card details

    You are required to supply valid credit card details as a part of your application as outlined in the terms and conditions. You are also required to pay € 5 as an application fee to validate the credit card. This fee would NOT be refundable to rejected candidates after the show. The credit card information you supply will also be used to charge cancellation and no show fees. No other charges will be made against your credit card without prior notification. Cancellation and No Show charges may be debited after the Exhibition, so your card must be valid for 6 months after the show i.e. until September, 2019.

    Please note that some credit cards may not be used for online payments. If you are experiencing any problems, please check with your card issuing bank. Thank you for your understanding!

    Credit card details are encrypted and stored securely and safely.

Before completing your application please review our Who are Hosted Buyers and the Terms and Conditions for attending the show as a Hosted Buyer.